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In the best Venezuelan tradition, the steamed bun-and-dog is loaded with endless toppings (vainas) and a variety of flavorful homemade sauces, including an outrageously good garlic sauce and a popular variation of guacamole (guasacaca). The irresistible finishing touch on our perros are the potato sticks (papitas) which add the perfect crunch to each bite.

At Perros y Vainas we love to party with a purpose. A percentage of our revenue goes directly towards providing food and medicine to the children of Venezuela through our partner nonprofit organizations.


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Photo by Matthew Burwick

Photo by Matthew Burwick

Why we'RE bringing perros Y VAINAS to you

Venezuela, once one of the most prosperous, happy, and wealthiest countries in the world has suffered an unthinkable tragedy. Eighteen years of a tyrannical and incompetent government has left the country in shambles, stripped of wealth, plagued by corruption and crime. In addition to lack of clean water and electricity, food and medicine shortages have accelerated to the point where is hard for people to have more than one meal a day. Many have died. A lot of them children.

The life of Venezuelans is so different from the life I once lived there. Growing up  in Venezuela was beautiful, and although I was not wealthy, I had it all. Prosperity, good education, access to opportunity, a perfect climate and natural beauties that attracted immigrants from all over the world. Our capital city, Caracas, was nicknamed "Heaven's branch on Earth". 

Because it enjoys perfect weather year around, Venezuela always had a strong culture of street food. One of the cuisines Venezuelans can't live without are our hot dogs (Perros Calientes). Each neighborhood has its own perros cart (perrocalentero) and people travel long distances to visit and eat the perros from their favorite stand. Friends and families gather around the perros carts and just chat, make new friends, and laugh together. 

It was not until I moved to New York in 1995, that I realized how special Venezuelan perros were. Flavorful, colorful, crunchy and happy -just like the people of Venezuela. 

As my beloved birth country deteriorated, my husband Thomas and I started thinking of ways to help. We thought. "What if we brought our amazing perros, and all they meant, to New York City, and donated part of the proceeds to help the children of Venezuela? Wouldn't that be awesome?

What followed deserves its own "behind the scenes" section on this site (coming soon!). As a labor of love, we beta launched at the Broadway Bites holiday market in October 2016, and realized that New Yorkers loved perros just as much as we did! We came back in 2017 and debuted on the HighLine for one season in 2018.

IN 2019, we can't wait to share our perros with you at iconic Governor’s Island in New York.. You will eat well, have fun, and do good.

With love and hope,


Rossanna & the entire Perros team



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In Summer 2019, you can find us at Liggett Terrace in Governor’s Island

Take the ferry every 30 minutes at 10 South Street - next to Staten Island Ferry. Ferry schedule is here;

Remember, you can always buy our tequeños in our cyber shop year-round!


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